(10/23) Bravo Malina for passing the qual!

(9/23) Déja vu?? We are moving again, but just building… This time for good in beautiful Moonstone building, with all the Softies.

(8/23) Dan’s paper is out in Nature Physics, and highlighted in the News!
Le Monde, Der Standard,

(6/23) Congrats Dr. Dan!
On a hot day of June, it happened! Crisp presentation and questionable hairdo. Bravo Dan!

(6/23) Open Campus
Kids in the lab to “play lego at the microscale”, was so much fun! And Malina rocked it!

(2/23) Project VULCAN is funded by ERC!!
ERC CoG 2022, VULCAN: matter powered from within

(12/22) Softie Holiday Dinner
Serious work (!) and Modern Korean (1090).